Mario's Isolation (Mario 64 Rom-hack)

A script/plan for the ROM
Mario is called to the castle late at night. He arrives only to be greeted by police tape and an aggravated lakitu, who tells him the Princess has been murdered.
Mario needs to figure out what’s happened, but since the castle is blocked off he takes the sewers.

Mario swimming into the sewer grate.
Upon arriving in the sewer, Mario sees a janitor toad who tells him a little bit more about what’s going on.

Mario arriving in the sewer
This toad tells Mario that as the princess is dead, the toad society is falling apart, and rebellions/cults are forming in the mushroom kingdom and down in the sewers. He also informs Mario about a man hooded black who is running for the new ruler of the castle. He apparently has rigged the ballot and will do anything to win, and on top of this has a following of toad cultists. However, a rebellion against him has formed, and their main hideout is somewhere in the sewer. Mario, hearing this, becomes intrigued, and now not only does he want to reach the inside of the castle, but he also wants to meet this Toad Rebellion and see what they’re all about. Before he gets too far into the sewer, he sees another toad, this time a young face who’s just joined the rebellion who apparently has no idea what he’s getting into. The toad tells him where the hideout for the rebels are, encourages Mario to go check them out, and gives him a warning, and this is where the game actually starts:
"Some people hear voices down here, or see things not meant to be seen. They aren't real. Keep walking if you see or hear one, whatever you do. And stay away from anything that isn't a regular Toad, got it?"
With this, Mario is sent into a warp pipe and the game begins.
Mario is sent into a long, straightaway sewer tunnel, with graffiti on the walls for credits and at the end of this has his first run in with the cult (if you didn’t see the castle roof easter egg 😉). He sees a toad with a strange mask. He asks Mario if he wants to know more about the rebellion, not informing Mario who he is. He then asks Mario,
"Didn't that toad up there tell you not to talk to anybody who wasn't a regular toad? Well, what are you doing right now then? Heheh..."
With this, the toad, who has a different face than the other toads, stops speaking to Mario.

Concept art for the toad cultists (not normal toads).
Mario then continues onward through the sewer. Here is where the actual platforming aspects start to come into play. Mario is faced with a vertical climbing level, and then is followed by gaps/small platforms at the top that take you back to the start of the sewer. After beating this, Mario can pick from two different tunnels, one that goes downward and one that goes upwards. Both eventually lead back to the same path, however branch in different directions and have some minor differences.

More updates will come as I work on the script and the game.


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