Rogue Adventure: A randomly generated dungeon game

Rogue Adventure is an upoming game i'll be releasing, made in Java.


The game is about a group of graffiti thugs who check out an old warehouse.

When they step inside, they find a staircase that seems to be very long.

Eventually, they discover this warehouse has catacombs underneath it, with tons of different rooms and themes.

Does it ever end? Are they going to find something cool at the end or something? Hell if I know, man

Upon their arrival in the catacombs, they find unloaded guns. They didn't bring any ammunition!

The gang loads the guns up with paintballs from their spray cans and get to work finding the secrets of the warehouse.

They all split up and go in different directions.

You play as Crush, an alligator on rollerblades with an AK-47 loaded with paintballs. (Sweet, right?!?)

Your goal is to find the end of the catacombs, get some treasure or fight a dude (or whatever is down there) and get out with your gang.

EZ enough, let's rock!


Screenshots and dev progress will come soon!


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